Following the successful integration of Fisikal’s digital ecosystem which includes a membership management system, across its chain of mid-market ACTIV clubs in Saudi Arabia, Ezdihar Sport has commissioned Fisikal to apply similar digital magic to their premium EVOX Clubs brand. Here John Greenwood, CEO of Ezdahar Sport, explains the rational.

Digitalising the ACTIV  Clubs Experience

The integration of Fisikal’s membership management system has elevated our ACTIV members’ experience to a new level. From onboarding to daily bookings and payments, all elements of the ecosystem talk effectively and efficiently to each other, creating a smooth, seamless experience that enables our members to fully engage with all we have to offer.

A function which has been particularly successful is the booking system. New members are prompted to book an induction, via our app. They choose their preferred personal trainer via the trainer profiles detailed on the app and book directly with them. This creates a relationship with one of our team from the very start of their journey, helping them to experience a connection and sense of belonging from day one. Further personal training sessions can then be booked directly via the app – creating a paperless system that can be accessed, amended and updated anytime from anywhere.

Members can also use the app to view our class descriptions and timetable and make bookings. If a class is full, the member is placed on a waiting list and notified when a space becomes available. This not only provides an excellent service to our members, it also enables our team to gain real time visibility of class capacities and to choreograph their sessions accordingly.

Content filtration has also been a huge benefit. Due to the culture in Saudi Arabia men and women train independently of each other. So, the content and scheduling our female members view on the app needs to be bespoke to what is available to them and vice versa for our male members. The app is proving to be hugely effective at delivering a more personalised experience.

We have also developed a series of 12-month periodisation programmes to support members in the achievement of a specific goals. For example, one is focused on the development of lean muscle and strength whilst another is geared towards driving fat loss. These programmes are also tailored for our separate male and female audiences, with the app only presenting the relevant programmes to our members.

From early in 2023 we will also be introducing on-demand and Live Streamed content. We are currently reviewing opportunities with specialist content providers. The beauty of the Fisikal ecosystem is that it is open, making third party integrations simple and effective. Once we have this functionality in place, we will be able to provide lifestyle support to our members both inside and outside of the clubs, creating a 24-hour, wraparound, support service.

Even though we have been working with Fisikal for less than a year – the benefits, not just to our members but also our business and teams are significant. The customised BI Dashboards help us to visualise, evaluate and understand member behaviours so we can make quick, operational adjustments to optimise opportunities and limit threats. This is driving efficiencies and helping ensure our services remain in-tune with member needs.

There are currently 3 ACTIV Clubs in operation with 2 more in development and plans to roll out 12-14 more in 2023. Fisikal is providing us with a scalable solution that will grow with the needs of our business.

Extending the Fisikal ecosystem to EVOX Clubs

EVOX Clubs is a high-end brand that services the top tier of wealth in Saudi Arabia. The facilities and services deliver an unmatched experience, creating a space where members can totally immerse themselves.  We recognised the need to digitalise the experience and following the success of the Fisikal integration across our ACTIV Clubs, we knew Fisikal would be the ideal partner.

The custom branding element of the solution means, from a member perspective, all digital services will reflect the premium look and feel of the in-club experience. Our members expect immediate access to information and seamless booking solutions so they can focus entirely on their fitness and wellbeing. This is what the partnership with Fisikal will deliver.

What is it like, working with Fisikal?

Genuinely we have been blown away by the support and the “can do” mindset of the Fisikal team.

Working with Fisikal has been a true collaboration. The team has supported us at every step of our integration journey both remotely and in-person. They have been just as passionate about the project as us and have given a one hundred per cent commitment in terms of time, support, resource and expertise. Everything is possible. Nothing is too much trouble. Over the coming months we have much work to do together and I am excited by what we will achieve. I feel we are just at the start of our partnership journey and whilst the initial achievements have been incredible, I think there is plenty more to come. Watch this space!