Surge, the capital’s premium Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) brand has worked with Fisikal to create a digital ecosystem that supports business efficiencies and drives commercial success.

“Until recently our e-marketing software did not talk to our digital business management system,” explains Finance Director, James Nuttall. “This was an inefficient and ineffective administrative nightmare. In order to tailor marketing to our various audiences depending on where they were on their Surge journey e.g. prospect, member or former member, we needed to manually download selected data from Fisikal and transport it into the e-marketing platform. This was time consuming and open to error.

“Over the course of the last few months, whilst the business was unable to welcome users to experience our studios due to Covid induced lockdown restrictions, we set about creating a connected digital ecosystem that enables our various software providers to talk to each other, seamlessly sharing data in real time. As our incumbent ‘engine house’ or business management system, Fisikal needed to be absolutely central to the integration.

“I am pleased to say, what we have created is working beautifully. We swapped out our standalone original e-marketing platform and replaced it with HubSpot which, using the Zapier platform as a “connector”, is now seamlessly integrated with Fisikal.

“Now, key events in our customer lifecycle are tracked and recorded providing real time visibility as to where that individual is on their journey with us. Each time Fisikal records an interaction that moves a person along their journey, for example from prospect to paying member, the information is automatically updated in HubSpot, ensuing our communication and targeted e-marketing to them remains relevant.

“The integration has transformed our business. The team now have confidence that the data they are using to target key audiences is current and accurate. They are also saving hours and hours in time previously spent manually exporting and importing information."

“When we brought Fisikal onboard as our digital business management solution, we wanted a partner who would grow and evolve with the needs of our business. This is yet another example of how Fisikal is delivering against this need. The Fisikal platform offers a huge amount of functionality but is also accepting of the fact that integration with other software providers is critical to be able to meet all the needs of a business.  

“We now have a beautifully connected ecosystem of software platforms all working together to deliver business efficiencies and drive revenues. Perfect timing as we start to bounce-back from the impact of Covid-19.”

Fisikal first started working with Surge back in 2017. Then Surge was just one site in London. Now the top end EMS brand has added two further studios with further growth ambitions over the coming years.

Rob Lander, CEO and Founder at Fisikal, adds: “Surge has always harboured ambitions to extend its reach via the provision of multi sites both across London and beyond. As a result, we have developed a platform with a high degree of flexibility both in terms of its own functionality and its ability to integrate with other third party providers. In today’s connected world, an ability to talk and interact with other software providers is an absolute must, offering clients limitless opportunities to drive business efficiencies and exemplary end user experiences.”

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