Third Space members embrace new digital app!

Third Space members embrace new digital app, viewing 75,000 workouts in just 3 months.

Third Space members embrace new digital app, viewing 75,000 workouts in just 3 months. Mid July 2020, whilst the country was still under instruction to ‘Stay at Home, Stay Safe and Protect the NHS’, Third Space launched a new app giving its members exclusive access to a wide variety of on-demand and live streamed classes. The move was the result of a two-year partnership with Fisikal to enhance member experience through its digital provision.

“Since the on-demand platform went live in March 2020, we have recorded 65,000 views of our on-demand programme, with a further 10,000 views of our live streamed classes.” Explains Richard Carroll, Senior Brand Manager at Third Space. “Whilst a digital provision was in the planning long before Covid-19 took a grip, the imposed closure of our facilities certainly fast tracked the app launch, providing our community with a means of maintaining a connection to our services and support despite physical restrictions. I’m pleased to say, Fisikal was able to respond to our new, critical timeline and worked tirelessly to get the app up and running.”

“Since lockdown restrictions have eased, the app continues to serve as a vital service, not only providing added-value to our members who have returned to our clubs to train but also to our members who are currently ‘on freeze’. Despite the mounting evidence that gyms are safe, not everyone is ready to return. We are maintaining a connection to ‘frozen’ members through the provision of our digital workout programme. Access is completely free and enables members to remain a part of our community until they are ready and able to return to our physical environment.”

Third Space commissioned Fisikal to develop a fully branded app back in 2018 recognising a growing consumer demand for anytime, anywhere access to fitness services. In addition to class content and bookings, the app also enables the scheduling and payment of personal training sessions, with access to more than 350 exercise demonstrations and 100 workouts.

Richard continues: “Digitalising our personal training and class bookings has not only enhanced the experience for our members, it has also provided better user flow analytics, giving clarity on member habits and behaviours, enabling us to make programming and operational adjustments to better align to needs. This has resulted in evidence based decisions which have had a profoundly positive commercial effect."

“The world is changing. Digitalisation has forced brands to become much more consumer-centric. This new app, created in partnership with Fisikal,  enables us to get to understand the habits and behaviours of our members better, removes geographical barriers and enables us to extend our luxury brand influence into the daily lives of members wherever they happen to be in the world. This is not the end. In our next development phase, we intend to refresh the front end design and work with Fisikal to create an in-app two way communications channel. Our ambition is to provide our members with an intuitive, single access point for all information, coaching and training support, available anytime, anywhere. We will continue to invest in our digital provision, viewing it as a vital complementary service to our in-club provision.”

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