Importance of Member Journey in Retention

The member journey plays a crucial role in retaining members and keeping them engaged with the brand, especially in the first 60 days. According to statistics from Dr Paul Bedford - The Retention Guru, the number of visits a member makes within this period directly correlates with their length of stay and the financial impact it has on the business. By providing a seamless and positive onboarding experience, you can increase the likelihood of members staying for a longer duration.

To ensure a successful member journey, it is important to focus on personalized interactions and tailored experiences that meet the individual needs and preferences of each member. This not only strengthens their connection with the brand but also fosters a sense of belonging and loyalty.

Personalized Onboarding Experience

A key aspect of optimizing the member onboarding process is providing a personalized experience right from the start. When a member joins online, they should receive a welcome email that guides them towards taking the next steps, such as booking an induction and downloading the member app. Through the app, members can complete a profiling questionnaire, enabling the app to personalize menu options and content based on their preferences. This personalization creates a more engaging and tailored experience for each member, increasing their connection with the brand. 

Additionally, operators have the ability to monitor new members who have not yet logged in to their dashboard within the initial days of their onboarding journey. They can proactively reach out to these members via email or phone to ensure that all new members are fully supported. If your club has specific criteria for identifying members for engagement, our data engineers can create customized views tailored to your requirements.

Engaging Members Through Customized Programming

In the modern digital landscape influenced by giants like Netflix and Amazon, individuals anticipate personalized services that cater directly to their unique needs. Recognizing that every new member brings a diverse background, demographics, age, abilities, and aspirations, it becomes evident that a tailored program is indispensable for fostering engagement and satisfaction.

So once a member has completed their induction, the information gathered during the session, including any assessments, is stored digitally against their profile. This data serves as a benchmark for success and allows trainers to build out a personalized program for each member. The content can be fully personalized or automated based on the member's responses to the profiling questionnaire and assessment outcomes. By delivering customized programming and content, you can continue to engage members and drive their interaction with your brand.

Utilizing Targeted Offers and Promotions

To further engage members and encourage them to explore different products and services, operators can send targeted offers. These offers can be tailored to specific audiences and promote products or services that members have not previously engaged with. For example, offering a complimentary 30-minute personal training session or a discount on a package of personal training sessions. The ability to centrally administer these offers and customize pricing based on location allows for effective promotion across a large estate, increasing member engagement and revenue.

Eliminating obstacles for members is essential for adoption. When a member receives a notification for a complimentary personal training session, they should be able to effortlessly book it on their mobile device without the hassle of contacting the club's reception or dealing with cumbersome web forms or waiting for emails. The interaction should be seamless and instantaneous to overcome any hesitations.

Automations for Seamless Member Support

Automated touchpoints and communications play a crucial role in supporting members throughout their initial period. By setting up automations, operators can ensure that key communications are sent to members at the right time, providing guidance and support. These automations can include reminders for bookings, self-assessments, or gathering feedback through questionnaires like Net Promoter Scores.

Triggers can be set based on various circumstances, such as time-based criteria (e.g., 30 days since joining),  specific member actions (e.g., booking their first workout class) or a member inaction (e.g. not checking into the club for 14 days). Clubs have the flexibility to customize triggers according to individual habits and preferences, ensuring a dynamic and personalized member experience.

Additionally, members can view their progress through a dashboard, tracking their attendance and classes taken. Based on new assessments, members can be reprogrammed to ensure their needs are continually met and their journey is supported.