Netgym Fisikal Integration

Netgym Fisikal Integration




 Leading digital gym management software provider, Fisikal, has integrated with  international powerhouse in instructor cover and internal communication solutions provider, NetGym to provide a digital solution that takes all the pain out of team management optimising revenues for operators whilst delivering a seamless experience to customers.

 NetGym has a strong foothold in the United States where the majority of its 200 clients are located, whilst also supporting operators in Australia, Canada, the UK and throughout the EU. With more than 1,200 unique venues relying on its solutions, NetGym is fast becoming the go-to provider of digital class cover management and communication, facilitating automated updates to live schedules and two-way communications between managers and instructors.

 Add to this Fisikal’s expertise in scheduling management and seamless integration with leading payment and CRM providers and the result is a robust, highly efficient and advanced solution that drives both efficiencies and revenue generation

 Rob Lander, Founder at Fisikal says: “We have always believed that growth and success of our offer lies in collaboration. We know, accept and are proud of our specialism. Through interoperability with other specialist providers, we can all work together to give our clients the very best possible experience. This is good for us, good for our partners and good for our clients.”

 The integration went live in July and fitness industry leader EōS Fitness is the first gym chain to benefit. Danny Orlick, Founder at NetGym, adds: “This alliance with Fisikal will enable us to offer our clients enhanced features within our own platform whilst also giving us access to a whole new network through Fisikal’s client database. This collaboration is about providing  best in class functionality to operators around the world, from large, multisite operators to independent boutiques.”


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