In 2019 it’s easier to run a paperless business. With the advent of mobile applications and technology, going almost entirely paperless is inevitable for every business. So we’ve made it easy to kick old habits and take more of your fitness business online today.

Our customers are saving time, money — and the environment — by making more of their fitness business digital. With online bookings, PT payments, staff management, assessments and programming, you can streamline your business and reduce human resource hours in fewer than 30 days, and significantly reduce your paper trail doing it.

It can take a single site studio less than two weeks to make a complete transition online. A fully customised solution for a club or one that requires the process of integrating with existing systems can be completed in less than 90 days.

The result? Expect to see a minimum 4-5 days of human resource hours saved every month per club as part of your return.

Here’s the top 5 digital fitness management features our customers went after in 2018 for real-win efficiencies.


Creating shifts centrally so all parties can see digitally when a staff member is working and not is easy. Giving staff the ability to be able to open up their own time when necessary to deliver PT for their clients is now pretty standard.

Versatile staff management solutions enable clubs to configure specific shift rotas so staff can only delivery certain services on specific shifts including PT or joining meetings.

The process of migrating rotas and shift patterns is simple: the existing format (typically paper /Excel) can be uploaded in two hours per club. Once online, schedules become easy to duplicate and extend. Two hours work will configure a club’s schedule for the next 6-12 months subject to ongoing updates and weekly amends.


PT conduction is often still done on paper. Clubs can benefit from all PT sessions being booked online and conducted based on real-time client attendance status (linked to club access control systems). For clubs going digital it means saving many hours each month counting paper, adding numbers to Excel and presenting reports for review and approval. Instead, you can switch to one click to receive all of the information you need presented in seconds.


Members are often left waiting at reception as staff struggle to deal with live and clients via phone at busy times. Online or app bookings for PT and classes allows reception staff to deal with delivering customer service and support.

With well organised communication, members can be fully transitioned within a 30 day period; for Fitness First Middle East, the transition to online payments and bookings was almost instant.


Operators and management want as much immediate, operational visibility as possible in the interest of time and money. Asking clubs to present data back to head office for booking, payment and performance analysis takes both club and head office teams hours each month to obtain the reports even before they have been able to check if the business is on track or not.

A centralised reporting suite will summarise all the data you need in one spot and it will access and collate your existing reporting systems, like Power BI, to do that.

The outcome is a customised dashboard. Automated reporting reduces the manual process to virtually nil and gives you the confidence that the business’ data is current and up to date, making sure senior management are able to query what is going on now and make decisions to refine strategies where needed.


Trainers spending hours designing custom assessment and training programmes for clients is often still delivered using old-school programme cards. Clubs and trainers can create template workouts online, based on specific goals or themes which can be duplicated and personalised by trainers for their clients as required. Trainers can take advantage of existing content libraries or easily film and load their own with their smart phone.

Clubs are taking advantage of this too to drive the potential of fitness workouts on demand, and connect their members with easy to follow workout programmes via app, in club and out.

To understand the process behind these quick wins and to get ahead email info@fisikal.com visit www.fisikal.com