Fisikal Works with Club Industry to Connect Fitness Professionals To A Library of On-Demand Education Content, Anytime, Anywhere

In a move to further enhance its provision of information, news, insights and education to fitness professionals across the world, Club Industry has partnered with Fisikal to launch an app.

The new mobile resource is available, free of charge, to both iOS and Android users and provides a central  information hub accessible from anywhere for anyone interested in keeping up with the latest developments in the global fitness market.

“Through our worldwide network of experts, partners and contributors, we produce a huge amount of content in a range of forms from articles, reports, videos and blogs to virtual events, webinars and discussion forums, and we needed a means of curating it all in one easy-to-access location,” explains Pamela Kufahl, director of content, Club Industry. “This is exactly what the app delivers.”

“Based in the United States, we serve a global audience, delivering a huge variety of trusted information that empowers people and businesses to be successful. Through this app, we are enabling access to our rich supply of information, 24 hours a day, from any location, bringing our community together even when physicality is not possible.”

The app, which has been designed and delivered by Fisikal, went live on Sept. 8, 2021, and is available for free download to anyone.

Rob Lander, CEO and co-founder of Fisikal, says: “Club Industry wanted to seamlessly connect the global fitness community to its rich array of content so we set about creating an app that would do exactly that. We have been working on this project with Club Industry for several months, and it is really exciting to see it finally launch to market.”

To download the Club Industry app:

Google Play

About Fisikal

Through its flexible web and app based platforms, Fisikal partners with fitness facility owners and managers, education organisations and fitness professionals to drive commercial success.

Every application is custom built in direct response to client needs. Whether the brief is to  create and manage beautifully presented, digital user facing services like booking systems, payment functions, fitness content libraries and e-commerce services or the real time presentation of easy to understand business performance indicators, Fisikal steps up to the plate.

To complement a huge range of internal functionality that can be switched on and off as required, Fisikal also integrates seamlessly with a range of third party providers from CRM and accounting systems to fitness trackers and payment providers, creating a closed digital ecosystem of functionality that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

About Club Industry/Questex

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